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Stealthcommand is a centralized communication service dedicated to any and all commications needs for each stealthpilot and stealthEcho

Stealthcommand official image usage

. Stealthcommand is always located in a classified location.

(a note about capitalization)

For purposes of the automatic formatting of this website, the "s" at the beginning of "stealthcommand" is being capitalized, resulting in "Stealthcommand" versus the correct capitalization of "stealthcommand." stealthcommand is never capitalized in its true form, as neither are "stealthpilot" [any of them] nor "stealthEcho" [any of them]. Even at the beginning of a sentence, which purposefully breaks an English grammar rule, stealth____ is not capitalized. The reason for this has more to do with the limitations of the Anglo-Saxon alphabet than anything else.

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