A Multijumper is a hybrid virtual-reality / actual-reality vehicle. The Multijumpers are able to shape-shift into any appropriate vehicle that is needed at the time. This shapeshifting is carried out by sheer thought alone by its stealthpilot. Sometimes, all that is required of a Multijumper is that it be visible. Many of those times, it is represented simply by a plane of glass.
Multijumper 02

a Multijumper as a plane of glass

Other times, a stealthpilot may fully 'suppress' a Multijumper and wear it as a charm or jewel around his neck - standing by and fully ready to 'jump' into action.

Interstate modalityEdit

When a Multijumper is in the shape of a motor vehicle it is usually referred to as a 'stealthmobile.' stealthmobiles have sometimes been clocked traveling at speeds in excess of 900 miles per hour, assisted by large Ares-class rocket engines. Of course, because a stealthmobile is, at its core, a multijumper, many seemingly impossible feats can be accomplished by a stealthmobile - most notably the ability to introduce an unknowing human to the world of the stealthpilots. An example would be a stealthpilot taking an unwitting subject for a simple automobile ride, during which some extent of the stealthmobile's ability being revealed during the ride.
Multijumper 03

a Multijumper as a stealthmobile in Interstate modality


A Multijumper's number coincides with that of its stealthpilot, i.e., stealthpilot1's Multijumper is Multijumper1 and stealthmobile1.