Date 48: an introduction to stealthpilot1Edit

"Date 48: an introduction to stealthpilot1" is a short-form book written by Kendall Johnson, Jr. over the holiday season of 2011. It entails an adventure of a futurist Air Force pilot and his happenchance meeting with stealthpilot1.


Date 48: an introduction to stealthpilot1

a project, a planEdit

Date 48 is tentatively the first installment in a series of short-form books targeted at young science and mathematics students.


Date 48 is available in both print and Kindle (eBook) formats, accessible on through either of the author's websites (external links, below) or by simply searching "Date 48" on the Amazon site.

external linksEdit - the author's official website - Studiosixtyse7en Publishing, LLC's website