Archangel1 was created when there was a flux of positive anti-gravity ions during the coding sequence of a stealthEcho. Instead of two 'x' components to the DNACU (DNA Coding Update) being the base template, resulting in the formation of a female [stealthEcho] embryo, the two 'x' components were inverted by the flux into two 'y' components. Since there is no gender of a human life-form that is genetically a YY, the true nature of what the life-form would become was initially an unknown. It was later learned, after the organism willfully jumped into an adjacent and unseen realm, that the new YY organism was in essence a genetically-modified multi-realm being, most easily understood as an Archangel. Shortly after being given the name Archangel1, "it" jumped realms again, presumably to escape being a captive of humans.

the paradox of multi-realmismEdit

Archangel1 01

Archangel1 peering through an alternate realm

Since Archangel1 can exist in multiple realms simultaneously, as stealthpilots and stealthEchos cannot, the paradox of its existence poses multiple, if not infinite, questions. Because of this paradox, Archangel1 is both a nemesis and an ally to stealthcommand, and also either/or, and also none of the above, paradoxically to an unknown degree.

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